Philosophy of Transparency

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Philosophy of Transparency

Vantage Brokers LTD Philosophy of Transparency

Where we have nothing to hide

Transparent Price Feed

Vantage Brokers LTD combines the individual bids and offers of all FOREX market participants in one place, providing one crystal-clear price feed for everyone without exception. All Vantage Brokers LTD clients get the same price feed regardless of account size or trading strategy.

Transparent Historical-Data

Historical-Data Transparency is an essential point for strategy development. Vantage Brokers LTD provides the accurate historical prices for a strategy development and back-test, with access to high-quality tick by tick historical data. Similar environment guarantees a high accuracy of a back-test and excludes any chance for price manipulation by Vantage Brokers LTD.

Transparent Liquidity

Transparency in regards to market liquidity is indeed an important feature for any serious professional trader as it shows clearly, whether the volume of liquidity is available at the moment. The ECN model provides a clear view of the market through its unique market depth window, showing available liquidity.

Transparency in regards to externally managed accounts

Vantage Brokers LTD maintains a full transparency and a comfortable level of control when the client is issuing a mandate to an external manager. View mode access to the account assures that all transactions and performances of the manager can be monitored in real time.

Transparent Instant Reporting

Vantage Brokers LTD provides real-time access to balance, equity, P&L and trading power information, as well as back office features for generation of full account statements and reporting.  Required information is easily available online at any time allowing the reports generation within a specified date-range.